The strategic objectives of the Sustainable Cities initiative in Malaysia are :

To accelerate the nation’s readiness to address the two grand challenges facing today’s cities, namely urbanisation and climate change.

To support the implementation of the related Strategic Thrusts and Game Changers as outlined in the 11th Malaysia Plan (RMK 11) in areas of green growth, innovation and industrial development in green technology and ICT.

Sustainable Cities by definition consists of the three pillars of Sustaianable Development to address the economic, environment and social state of the city. By creating a competitive city, sustainability can be achieved through fostering economic growth through the benefits of density.

From the environmental point of view, a green and resilient city is achieved by protecting the natural resources and ensuring investments, and proactive risk reduction and management.

Livability in cities is also a key are in ensuring access to affordable services for the public towards more liveable and inclusive cities.

The integration of these three vertical pillars of Sustainable Development through Smart Cities will consolidate city big data into insights to unleash city innovations and growth.