Global Platform

The Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC) was launched and coordinated by The World Bank as part of the Sustainable Cities Integrated Approach Pilot (SC IAP) supported by the Global Environment Facility, to provide a more holistic approach to urban development rather than through a sectorial or “project-by-project” approach. Specifically, the GPSC supports the following activities:

  • Use of geospatial data/ integrated urban planning tools;
  • Establishing or enhancing a set of indicators for urban sustainability, including the core indicators for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11;
  • An assessment on urban sustainability;
  • Preparation of action plan to improve urban sustainability; and
  • Activities to enhance municipal financing and identifying priorities for investment.

The GPSC is organised on an annual basis commencing in 2015 and attended by representatives from the 11 participating countries.



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