11MP Competitive Cities

By 2020, four major cities in Malaysia will have undergone a step-change in their economic growth, importance as talent hubs, and liveability. City residents will be able to afford urban housing, have adequate public transportation systems, enjoy green and open spaces, and have access to economic opportunities that will enable them to provide their children with a better future. While these four cities – selected based on their strong fundamentals – will serve as pioneers, the transformation will be expanded to other cities over time. These cities will serve as role models for other cities in the country and region.

City Competitiveness Master Plans will be developed for the four major cities as a start, based on key principals that increase liveability and stimulate economic growth. These include creating density to increase efficiency; expanding transit-oriented development to enhance mobility; and strengthening knowledge-based clusters to facilitate agglomeration and innovation. These master plans will take into account each city’s competitive advantages, and will be formulated by the respective local authorities in consultation with the private sector and civil society. The major shifts that this game-changer will produce are summarised in the following exhibit.



Source: http://rmk11.epu.gov.my/index.php/en/

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